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This is a community for LGBTQ+ programmers of all experiences levels (including those who haven't started programming yet). Anyone who's alright being in a space that centers LGBTQ+ programmers is welcome as well 💜.

This is a brand new community and I expect it to grow extremely slowly: fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a quiet night.

Beware: You may want to disable DMs from members of this server (through this server's "Privacy Settings"). This is a publicly advertised Discord server and assholes like to join and DM hateful messages.

Communal Moderation: I want all of us to be empowered to advocate for ourselves and for eachother. There is no requirement to "be nice" or to "be civil" when someone is being ignorant or hateful.

Channels: There's very few channels because there's very few people. More channels will be created as needed.

Colors: Use !setcolor #ff0000 to change your color to anything you’d like.

Invite Link: Share the server by linking to our landing page at

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